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Text check. Checklist before passing order to client

Text check. Checklist before passing order to client

You have just finished creating sales text. Do not hurry to pass it to client. Check the text once more. I have prepared a checklist for this purpose. 1. Title This thing is most important. Does it really “catch” attention? If not there is no need to go further. Title should be ...


Copywriter portfolio. How to create copywriter’s portfolio?

Copywriter portfolio

I guess, there is no need to explain, why does copywriter need a portfolio. But for those who still hesitate if online-portfolio is expedient I'll state following reasons: Make life harder for competitors and plagiaries. By placing authorship on your website it will be easier to prove rights for intellectual property. Online-portfolio ...


What does Copywriter Need SEO for?

What does copywriter need SEO for

In the last article we reviewed what SEO is. And today we’ll understand, why we need knowledge, which seems to be needed only for optimizers and web masters. How SEO copywriter works When you’re about to write SEO text, ask your client to provide keywords, which must be used in material, because ...



Popular Topics in Copywriting

Popular Topics in Copywriting

There are a lot of different topics for writing articles. I understand young copywriters who do not know which ones to choose. It is very important because it is impossible to be an expert in all areas at once. Only personal experience, good education and regular investments (of time and ...


Specifications for Copywriter: Tips for SEO Specialist

Specifications for Copywriter: Tips for SEO Specialist
I recently reviewed specifications for copywriter on filling e-store with news and articles. Taking into consideration that search engines implement new algorithms, I had to rewrite it a bit. I was lucky to work with SEO copywriter, who doesn’t need explanations like “What is keyword?”. I divided article into two parts: the first is specifications for copywriters, the second is text publication or nuances SEO specialist should be aware of.



7 Habits of Successful Copywriter

I have read the translation of the article «7 daily habits of a successful copywriter», written by Katie Yeakle. These secrets of success and also my comments go along. The article came out very easy –to-read, somehow a biographical one.