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The State of Project Management in 2015


Infographic brought to you by Wrike project management scheduling tools

Coincidences, copies and plagiarism in photos

Giancarlo Rado

People tend to find similarities in images. Let’s look through this amazing selection of images that have the same meaning, color, shape and disposition. Similarities often happen spontaneously and amaze us with synchronicity of their emergence. There are surprising and unexplained coincidences in science, communication and art: simultaneous and identical phrases in ...


Learning English via Skype is not only popular but effective

learn english online by skype

Nowadays learning English via Skype becomes more and more popular. Even the biggest skeptics order a full course after a trial online lesson. Why does the format English Skype become so popular? What are the main features of online lessons? Learning language via Skype has many significant advantages: It’s convenient for both ...


How to avoid trouble because of AntiPlagiarism.NET?


Many students, especially freshmen, have writing problems with reports, term papers and other scholarly works. In order to write a good paper, an undergraduate needs the special skills in handling and arranging information. It’s not enough to copy some paragraphs regarding your topic from any book to make your paper ...


Book Review: Designing Web Usability, by Jakob Nielsen

Designing Web Usability, by Jakob Nielsen

November 10th is World Usability Day. Keeping this holiday in mind, I couldn’t forget about the book written by a legendary person, who devoted many years to studying usability (simplicity and convenience of using web-sites). Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Designing Web Usability, a book by Jakob Nielsen. Despite ...



Freelancer’s Workspace – How does it Look Like?

Freelancer's workspace – how does it look like?

I'm really glad that my main job is copywriter-freelancer. It's good to be independent and not tied to the place of work. But on the other hand I'm working at home and do not communicate with people during working day. It helps to focus on the process, though sometimes I ...