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A Checklist for Landing a Guest Post

A Checklist for Landing a Guest Post

Whatever you may have been led to believe, guest posting service Luckyposting.com states that guest posting is a viable marketing strategy, bringing excellent results to those who find time to actually learn how to use it and analyze the results produced by different approaches. However, many prospective guest bloggers fail ...


Running Backlink Analysis the Right Way


Author is Dmitriy Fugol, SEO specialist of Digital Bee digital agency. So, you’ve got SEO agency to help websites climb the top of search engine results. Whenever somebody turns to you for SEO assistance, you probably start with the basics like content optimization or website performance. But then you may discover ...


Semantic Kernel: What is It? SEO Against Philology

Semantic Kernel: What is It?

SEO specialists considering “semantic kernel” as their field of action are actually wrong. Philologists also use it. By the way, the word “field” is mentioned here for a reason, we will talk about it later. Semantic Kernel in SEO Website semantic kernel is a list of keywords, by which people will find ...


Touristic Website Promotion

Touristic website promotion

What should you actually start with when doing website promotion in search engines? It should seem that a standard set of actions required: internal and external optimization. But touristic website promotion requires specific approach. Primary specific feature that may be observed is seasonality: in summer – beach, in winter – mountain ...



Travel Website Design

Travel Website Design

Let me start with quotation from the Jakob Nielsen’s book “Designing Web Usability”: “Hard-and-fast rule for main pages design is “more-less”: the more buttons and capabilities the central page has, the less users will be able to quickly find necessary information”. Splendid rule! Today we will apply it to travel websites navigation ...



AJAX indexation from the user and programmer point of view

Indexing websites on AJAX

AJAX is a complex approach used to create interactive web interfaces. Approach consists in background data exchange between browser and web server. The page is not reloaded completely at that, it’s updated partially. This article will be the first in a small series dedicated to AJAX websites indexing. In this series ...



How to Protect Content from Theft?

How to Protect Content from Theft?

Today I will explain algorithm, which I use myself for protecting content from theft. So, version for negative Nellies. Question: how to protect content from stealing? Answer: noway! There is really no 100% guarantee on the Internet, that your content won’t be stolen. That’s all, you may not read further. ...


SEO Promotion with Photo. A Brief Synopsis

SEO promotion with photographs. A brief synopsis

Last year, on the 29th of July my master class on the topic «SEO promotion with photographs» took place in Kharkiv photo school «The Art of Digital Photography». I have received a lot of positive feedbacks. I believe that one of the indicators of successful and interesting speech is a ...


SEO Friendly URLs

SEO Friendly URLs

Structure of links uses on the Internet, is one of site search optimization factors. SEO friendly URLs developed from idea and stated principle to the concept pretending to become technology. The main idea initially was an effort to equip a network address with readable structure, make resource identifier ultimately clear ...



How to Compose a Semantic Kernel

Semantic Kernel

It is not enough just to compose the semantic kernel. It must be regularly updated…something may need to be added and/or something may need to be removed. It is a hot topic for commercial websites. For instance, equipment models become obsolete very quickly, new products appear, and all these changes ...