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How to Protect Content from Theft?


Today I will explain algorithm, which I use myself for protecting content from theft. So, version for negative Nellies. Question: how to protect content from stealing? Answer: noway! There is really no 100% guarantee on the Internet, that your content won’t be stolen. That’s all, you may not read further. If you are pessimist, than you won’t bother this topic. If you claim yourself as a fighter for justice, than I welcome you to read further.

Version for positive Pollies.

Protecting texts from copying

If you worry about website and your article ranking in search engines, than I’ll tell you, that there’s no matter for search engines, where the copy and original lie, so better optimized resources come into top. Full range of factors influences here: internal, external, behavioral. Every SEO specialist knows about that.

If you want the text copied from you not to come to search engines top, you should follow these steps.

1. For Russian-language sites before publishing text give it to Yandex for check-up. In such a way search engine will know, that the text firstly appeared specifically at your site. Conditions: minimal amount is 2000 characters, maximum is 32000 characters. You need to go Yandex.Webmaster panel – My sites – Site content (not actual in english version of yandex.webmaster) – Original texts (not actual in english version, in russian version tries to get access to specific site (vlada-rykova.com).

For Google you should use attribute rel=”author”. You must be registered in Google+ for this. Than search engine will understand, that you were the first to publish content. There is a couple of more advantages of using this attribute:

  • fast indexing;
  • snippet in search results boosting click through rate (here’s how it looks in my case).

How to Protect Content from Theft?

Information on how to link content to Google+ profile with attribute rel=”author” is available here. One more plus will be using tag rel=”canonical” at the page. More details are in Google.

2. Than you should try to put the page with unique content first into search engine index. To achieve this:

  • use ping services, e.g. Google Blog Search. Actually there is a lot of services, for some CMS there are plugins, which will do this work for you;
  • publish link to the new article in all available social media.

The same strategy works for unique pictures (photos). And for sure you won’t manage to protect your content from personal usage. It’s OK when photo is copied and put as a wallpaper in Windows. Or if someone prints your text, than studies it by heart, put it under the pillow at night or even eat it for luck.

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