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A Checklist for Landing a Guest Post


Whatever you may have been led to believe, guest posting service Luckyposting.com states that guest posting is a viable marketing strategy, bringing excellent results to those who find time to actually learn how to use it and analyze the results produced by different approaches. However, many prospective guest bloggers fail at the very beginning by not getting the amount of guest posts necessary for making any difference. In this article, we will tell you how to overcome this hurdle.

1.    Study the Target Blog

So, you’ve found a blog that perfectly meets your requirements and would be an awesome place for your guest post – but it is way out of your league, and you are sure your offer will be rejected.

First of all, carefully research blog’s content for the last couple of months and try to figure out what kind of content it offers (general articles, step-by-step tutorials, tips, etc.), whether its audience overlaps with your own, how advanced the content usually is, and so on. Perhaps you will find out this blog isn’t perfect for you after all, but anyway, you will get a clearer understanding of what kind of post may be accepted from you.

A Checklist for Landing a Guest Post

2.    Study the Existing Guest Posts

If the blog has a policy of regularly accepting guest post, study them closely and try to understand what kind of people is prevalent among the guest posters and whether you fall into the same category. Single out the posts that made the most impression on the audience, generated most comments, and were most shared via social media.

3.    Become a Part of the Blog’s Community

It may sound like a lot of work for just one post, but when it comes to guest blogging, quality beats quantity every time. This means that you select your target blogs very carefully and when possible stick to the top dogs, thus making it well worth the effort.

Comment on blog posts regularly, take part in discussions and make sure what you say contributes to the conversation and shows you as an industry specialist. Share the posts on social media, try to strike up a conversation with the blog owner – if you get to know them, it will be that much easier to discuss terms.

4.    Write a Couple of Quality Articles

To prove you have something to offer, you should have something to offer. To do so, prepare several in-depths articles on the topics close to that of your target blog (again, this is effort well invested) so that the blog owner can see for themselves what you are capable of.

5.    Prepare the Correct Sales Pitch

Prepare several topics and potential posts titles to offer, as well as explanation of how the post will benefit both the target blog and its readers. Make an offer politely yet confidently. If you are refused, try to find out why and whether you can meet the requirements.

All in all, getting a guest post with a blog that took your fancy is all about proving your usefulness to its owner. Look and behave professionally, produce quality content, be a valuable part of the community – and you will manage it.