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Learning English via Skype is not only popular but effective


Nowadays learning English via Skype becomes more and more popular. Even the biggest skeptics order a full course after a trial online lesson. Why does the format English Skype become so popular? What are the main features of online lessons?

learn english online by skypeLearning language via Skype has many significant advantages:

  • It’s convenient for both a tutor and a student. You can easily schedule the most convenient time for the lesson with your tutor.
  • Individual lessons – one-to-one with a tutor. A new topic can be drilled for many times, and you do not have to worry that you will lag behind the group, who by the time get to the another topic. Depending on the level of English and motivational aims, you can choose topics which are of a bigger interest for you now and the rest material put aside for the next lessons.
  • Schedule your own timetable and choose course duration.
  • You can avoid awkwardness which sometimes occurs during group lessons. You can freely ask any questions and do not bother about your level of knowledge of a language in comparison with other students in a group.
  • You can choose the best tutor who meets your personal and professional requirements.
  • Students who start from the very beginning will be able to communicate in 2-3 weeks due to one-to-one format of online lessons.
  • You do not need to store dozens of books. A tutor will send on your e-mail all necessary materials.
  • You do not have to take notes. All you need is a keyboard because you will have to send homework to the tutor via Internet too.
  • A tutor will maintain a dialog with you during the whole lesson, improving your speaking skills and correcting your pronunciation.
  • You can use video and audio materials on your own and later discuss all unknown or complicated issues with a tutor.
  • You will check the homework immediately and if there is something unknown left you can discuss it with a tutor.

All English lessons at international online school CosmoSkype are individual and carried out according to specially developed methods. These methods are based on the up-to-date methodological recommendations adjusted to learning via Skype format. The trial lesson is for free so a student can choose the best tutor for himself. On our website cosmoskype.com there are profiles of all tutors and a student can find out about them beforehand.

Everyone can choose the best suitable way to learn a foreign language. Many students prefer online learning via Skype which is proved by its great popularity.