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Outsource Internet Marketing Director

Outsource Internet Marketing Director works with only one Client!

What is Internet Marketing Director responsible for?

  • Website: development (specifications development and control), usability and conversion improve.
  • Clients acquisition: search engines promotion, search engines advertising, social media promotion, banner and teaser advertising.
  • Clients retention and repeat sales: service and customer-oriented approach,
    e-mail and SMS mailing list, service supervision, feedback management.

What do you get?

  1. English-speaking Internet Marketing Director search and selection:
    • vacancy is placed over all CIS countries (region is not important for remote work);
    • recruiter separates candidates by motivation and adequateness;
    • candidates receive test items;
    • I check test items and hold interviews with the best candidates.
  2. Internet Marketing Director constant education and progress.
  3. My experience + Internet Marketing Director’s time:
    • planning the whole Internet marketing for the Client;
    • choosing the appropriate balance: doing by ourselves, delegating to colleagues, passing to outsource;
    • making your e-business grow.

The price of Outsource Internet Marketing Director: $2000 + the second indicator depending on business (i.e., project turnover).