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Review of «The Facebook Era», Book by Clara Shih


Title «The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More Stuff» (Edition 1) really catches, it is eager to read the book showing possibilities of social media (SMO and SMM) and to get your business to all-time success.

facebook eraBonus for those who read to the end. Below you will find tips: «What to read and to do to be clued up about SMO and SMM?»

Part I. Why Social Networking Matters for Business.

Chapter 1. «The Fourth Revolution». According to the author, 4 digital revolutions took place: revolution of mainframes, PC revolution, Internet (alongside with SEO) revolution and social media revolution (SMO and SMM). Interesting for illustrative purposes, but nothing practical.

Chapter 2. «The New Social Norms». The story about the future, which is already nowadays and for which probably any schoolchild registered in social network has a knack.

Chapter 3. «How Relationships and Social Capital Are Changing». OK, you can read this, but one can be on to the fact that your potential employers and employees «live» in social networks. It would be even better, if you read Darcy Rezak’s «The Frog and Prince: Secrets of Positive Networking To Change Your Life».

Part II. Social Networking Across Your Organization.

Chapter 4. «Sales in the Facebook Era». Today millions of companies look for potential clients in social networks!

Chapter 5. «Marketing in the Facebook Era». Topic beloved by all at each conference on advertisement, PR, marketing etc. I.e. social media marketing (SMM) is so developed now, that there’s no need persuade someone to go to social network at least to analyze his core audience… But meanwhile it’s possible to talk about SMM a lot since users don’t fall for some marketing tricks any more.

Chapter 6. «Innovation and Collaboration in the Facebook Era». Four innovation stages are described: creation of a concept or strategy (notably there’s no strictly social media strategy, there are just good and bad strategies); prototyping, commercial processing and constant iterations.

Chapter 7. «Recruiting in the Facebook Era». Practical chapter about interaction between employer and employee in social media.

Part III. Step-by-Step Guide to Social Networking for Business.

In the last part of the book we finally reached case studies.

Chapter 8. «How To: Build and Manage Relationships on the Social Web». The author states that you need to monitor social networks, follow what people say about your brand and how to respond to this. For instance, to give official public comment, unofficial public comment, to answer through an intermediary, through private message (PM), through other channel or not to respond at all.

Chapter 9. «How To: Advertise and Promote on the Social Web». It is logical and came to us from marketing, i.e. each message is adjusted to your core audience. At the present moment only social media give possibility to target advertisement almost ideally.

Chapter 10. «How To: Engage Customers with Facebook Pages and Twitter». No comments. Tell me please, is there anybody who still doesn’t know how to invite people to the Facebook group in a proper way?

Chapter 11. «Corporate Governance, Strategy, and Implementation». Here the author broaches the problems of intellectual property in social media and similar legal aspects.

Chapter 12. «The Future of Social Business». Don’t read this chapter, because Clara Shih’s feature is already here.

So you probably ask: what is to read?

The most timely information on SEO, SMO and SMM can be received:

  1. at the blogs of people, who constantly practice and experiment with this;
  2. at the conferences dedicated to the topics being of interest to you;
  3. speaking with the people, who sound on this topic and also practicing SMO/SMM by yourselves.
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