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Semantic Kernel: What is It? SEO Against Philology


Semantic Kernel: What is It? SEO specialists considering “semantic kernel” as their field of action are actually wrong. Philologists also use it. By the way, the word “field” is mentioned here for a reason, we will talk about it later.

Semantic Kernel in SEO

Website semantic kernel is a list of keywords, by which people will find your web resource.

What is website semantic kernel needed for? It’s a very important affair, which lets:

  • estimate search engines promotion cost;
  • compose certain webpages using specific keywords;
  • configure website structure (sitemap);
  • denote the sphere, in which your website will work out.

We’ll talk about the ways of composing semantic kernel in the next article. For example, one of the methods mentioned in the article “What does copywriter need SEO for?” is using Google Keyword Planner service. One more semantics selection service for Russian-speaking audience is Yandex.Wordstat. Its peculiarity is that alongside with queries e.g. connected with this article topic (“text semantic kernel”, “kernel of semantic field”) there is a section “What else did people searching “semantic kernel” look for?”. We’ll see queries “lexicology” and “semantics” there. These two words are philology terms.

Semantic Kernel in Philology

Philologists have studied semantic fields (semantic field has its kernel and periphery) since the end of XIX century. Semantics is a science studying words meaning and relations between them. A vast number of proceedings in this topic is written (Eugenio Coșeriu, Boris Gorodetskiy and others). It is reputed that prototypes of Google and Yandex keywords selection services are thesauri.

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