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Specifications for Copywriter: Tips for SEO Specialist


I recently reviewed specifications for copywriter on filling e-store with news and articles. Taking into consideration that search engines implement new algorithms, I had to rewrite it a bit. I was lucky to work with SEO copywriter, who doesn’t need explanations like “What is keyword?”. I divided article into two parts: the first is specifications for copywriters, the second is text publication or nuances SEO specialist should be aware of.

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Specifications for Copywriter: Tips for SEO SpecialistSpecifications for copywriter:

  1. Write selling text for people.
  2. It is preferable to use ordered and unordered lists.
  3. Keywords density is 1-3% (complete word paradigm: declensions, conjugations, allologs, transliterations etc.).
  4. Text length is approximately 1000 characters per one keyword.
  5. Keyword should be contained in H1…H3 titles.
  6. Sentence with keyword should be highlighted once using one of the methods:
  • <b>…</b> (“physical” tag);
  • <strong>…</strong> (“logical” tag).

Article publication. SEO nuances:

  1. Meta-tag “Description” length is normally not more than 160 characters. Description should start with keyword.
  2. Use minimum one image. Uniqualize photo, write alt including keyword staying at the first place.
  3. Page address (URL) should include keyword.
  4. Title length is normally 60-65 characters. Keyword should be at the first place.
  5. Keyword (anchor) must stay in one inner link to relevant promoted page.
  6. It’s desirable for keyword (anchor) to be in one external link to trusted site. E.g. Wikipedia or official mission website.

Please remind me if I forgot something in specifications for copywriter.

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