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Creating a Headline for an Article

Creating a Title for an Article

Forms, Specifications and Properties of Good Headline A bad beginning makes a bad ending. I’ve already talked about the importance of headlines for printed media as well as for Internet content in my article, Titles and Headlines of Articles in Media and the Internet. For today’s post, I have put together ...

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Ten Types of Headlines in Media (and a Couple in the Internet)

Ten Types of Titles in Media

There are such types of headlines in media as “heading”, column, supertitle and subtitle, intro, showcase, exclamation. In the Internet there are two main headline types: “title” tag and “h1”…”h6” tags. Types of Headlines 1. Main Headline. The most spread type, introduces the matter content. It can have forms like question, interjection, ...

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Types of Columns in Media and the Internet

Types of Columns in Media

Column is a string situated above the title, selection or separate spread. It doesn’t interpret the text, it mostly points to newspaper topic section or genre. Its presence reflects the sections persistence and attracts attention to them. Three types of columns: regular – points to the position of the most important spread ...

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