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Touristic Website Promotion

Touristic website promotion

What should you actually start with when doing website promotion in search engines? It should seem that a standard set of actions required: internal and external optimization. But touristic website promotion requires specific approach. Primary specific feature that may be observed is seasonality: in summer – beach, in winter – mountain ...



Travel Website Design

Travel Website Design

Let me start with quotation from the Jakob Nielsen’s book “Designing Web Usability”: “Hard-and-fast rule for main pages design is “more-less”: the more buttons and capabilities the central page has, the less users will be able to quickly find necessary information”. Splendid rule! Today we will apply it to travel websites navigation ...



Book Review: Designing Web Usability, by Jakob Nielsen

Designing Web Usability, by Jakob Nielsen

November 10th is World Usability Day. Keeping this holiday in mind, I couldn’t forget about the book written by a legendary person, who devoted many years to studying usability (simplicity and convenience of using web-sites). Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Designing Web Usability, a book by Jakob Nielsen. Despite ...