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Vas'kova Mariana, CEO of English language courses «Success»
Vas'kova Mariana, CEO of English language courses «Success». Project: MySuccess.com.ua

Vlada is a talented responsible professional of high level, she is also a strict, direct and exacting person. Her honesty and ability to do everything in time impressed me a lot. What is more, I think she is successful enough because of her special gift to set, prioritize and achieve the goals. At the same time she could be very helpful and flexible. Definitely could be either a good team player or an independent leader, according to the current necessity for getting better result. Full of energy, joy and intelligence, is good at strategic planning and further accomplishing. It is interesting and productive to work with Vlada.

Natalya Yakovleva, marketing and advertising department head of LLC Manezh

We worked with Vladislava while preparing articles for premium level clients. Her professionalism, deep understanding of material, ability to feel the client and audience she is writing articles for, quality and speed of work are greatly appreciated by us. We are grateful for a pleasant cooperation!

Andrey Tereshenko, project: kristall-shop.com.ua
Andrey Tereshenko, project: Kristall-Shop.com.ua

My friend advised me to contact Vlada. He was not satisfied with a freelance as an approach to work, but such approach was on the contrary Ok for me. We gained Vlada as responsible, active, creative, competent and what is more important honest expert. I has been more that half year since Vlada is leading and correcting the course of our online store development. She combines SEO consultant and Internet marketing expert skills. Except her professional skills I would like to mention punctuality, ability not only to talk but to listen. She is always available for communication, so you may swiftly consult her or solve the problem. She is also just a nice person to speak with. I’m very glad to get acquainted with her and I plan to continue our cooperation.

Internet marketing project. Silver jewelry online shop

Анатолий Смелов
Anatoliy Smelov, head of Pcshop Group Internet direction

While I was working with Vlada in electronics and consumer goods online shop Pcshop Group she proved to be an experienced and very attentive SEO specialist. The latter I found out when I saw a big list of defects present on the on-line store website I was responsible for. I didn’t even think that website looking mostly ideal may possess such number of SEO mistakes and flaws. It took Vlada a day to thoroughly analyze the whole website “pcshop.ua” taking into consideration even small details and to show what and where had to be optimized for website improvement. It was made not only to improve the website from search engines’ point of view but  mostly from the Pcshop Group clients’ one. Unfortunately part of her recommendations, that concerned some technical updates on the website was not implemented. I should mention that internal website optimization is not Vladislava’s only strong point. She also proved to be good when working with external website promotion in most popular search engines – Google and Yandex. In general I would like to evaluate Vladislava’s personal competency as excellent with one small minus – it’s a pity that our cooperation lasted not so long as I wanted.

Dmitriy Fugol, copywriter
Dmitriy Fugol, copywriter. Project: Fugol-Writer.com

It happened so that first I worked with Vlada on one copywriting project and later requested her help as a SEO specialist. In both cases I had good impressions from her work. Besides I managed to learn a lot from Vlada.

  1. When we worked with Vlada on one copywriting project I liked her approach to the work she was doing. On the one hand she is very demanding to colleagues and herself. But thanks to this feature she reaches excellent results. Vlada is great at being demanding and tactful. She makes colleagues be in working stream and does it very gently. Not any person can do that.
  2. When I turned to Vlada as SEO specialist, I didn’t know the reason of my problem (my blog was banned by Yandex filter). Vlada made an audit of my blog, managed to find the reason of my problem and solve it. I’m satisfied with the results and how Vlada treated me. Except the main work she was answering all my questions that were appearing on the way and was giving professional answers, though she was not supposed to do this.

Natalya Denisenko. Projects: GuruVkusoff.com, GvKitchen.com, Produktoff.com

I don’t like writing feedbacks much, but I’ll try. During our cooperation period (2 years) our web sites’ popularity grew also thanks to your efforts. I’m constantly monitoring website access sources and their performance. Access from social pages is growing. Pages have become more interesting, some information I read myself with a pleasure. Informational articles written by you have also paid off.

When working with you I like promptness and ability to receive response to any request or suggestion.

3. Oleg Moiseenko, owner of resources: avto-fara.com
Oleg Moiseenko, owner of resources: Avto-Fara.com, Fara-Avto.com.ua

It’s very pleasant to work with you Vlada and I’m glad that we got acquainted. I’d like to summarize results of our work on my lighting equipment sales web site.

As you remember at first I contacted you to consult concerning my first website avto-fara.com, that was made independently without knowledge in SEO sphere (just fragmentary information was available). The main feature here is that I was doing everything myself to minimize costs  as long as   this was not a big project (without big investments).

First meeting showed technical mistakes and mistakes in website setup. I got understanding that there is a need to amend a lot. This was highly productive meeting for me. I would like to mention that you have an ability to deliver information briefly and clearly. For one and half an hour you managed to notice critical mistakes, explained what and, that is more important, in what way should  it be amended. It is obvious that one can not do everything during 1 consultation and I had a lot of questions. But short online meetings were directing me to further actions. As a result I decided to create one more website fara-avto.com.ua taking into consideration results of all consultations. I’m glad that you evaluated it as “clean one” and couldn’t find a lot of mistakes. :-)

It was pleasant to find out that you deeply understand the core of the website idea, goods’ unique features. For example, I liked much a hint concerning a possibility to make anchor links to the same page of one headlight  from different models and it is up to be implemented. Unfortunately   I don’t have enough time to make everything as planned.

It’s hard to evaluate scale of growth for such short time interval, but I like the tendency. With minimum goods quantity of 22 headlights I had up to 50 visitors a day and 2-3 purchases a week!

In general I want to tell you that your main advantage is constant wish to move ahead and improve yourself. And thanks to this you are always on the informational edge of latest developments in websites’ promotion sphere. This fact is of a great value for many including me. At first by the way I didn’t trust you much and was afraid that your actions may do harm. For example, rel=canonical between websites. But now I may trust you and your actions and I may be sure that your actions won’t lead to sad consequences. Trust is of a great value in your sphere.

I’m impressed that you are not staying where you are and started dealing with new foreign projects. This is a sign of a good specialist.

As you may notice I have mostly positive feedbacks concerning our cooperation. But of course not everything is ideal. There are some moments that caused discomfort. First – your large scale approach to website promotion. You are working with big clients and not all methods are appropriate for me. For example, I was not satisfied with promotion budget you offered. But you were trying to understand my wishes. Thank you especially for that. This feedback will probably allow you to be more objective when evaluating client’s capabilities and be able to correspond better to the needs of each customer.

Second moment is that you should avoid SEO terms when communicating with a client. As a client I would like my website to be promoted using legal methods not to end up being banned after a short term great traffic growth. Words like this make me more suspicious. That’s why try to use more understandable and better looking terms.

These are my impressions in brief. Vlada, I’d like to continue our business relationship in consulting sphere concerning my websites if, of course, it’s interesting for you.

Katia, CEO of company «All Exclusive Vegas», Las Vegas. Project: Vegasda.com

We have been working with Vlada for two years now and extremely happy with our experience. While working on our web site we decided to seek for help of a professional copywriter. At first idea of working with somebody remotely not been able to discuss things in person worried a bit. Later we were very surprised and pleased. Vlada showed excellent writing and translating skills. She revealed herself not only competent and professional copywriter but also great searcher and communicator. All text we in trusted her turned out to be interesting, describing and creative. Thanks Vlada our web site became much more interesting informative and attractive for our clients.

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