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Text check. Checklist before passing order to client


Text check. Checklist before passing order to clientYou have just finished creating sales text. Do not hurry to pass it to client. Check the text once more. I have prepared a checklist for this purpose.

1. Title

This thing is most important. Does it really “catch” attention? If not there is no need to go further. Title should be short, succinct, intriguing. Additional information about titles you may find here.

2. Text size

Exclude unnecessary parenthesis and adjectives that do not influence text meaning from the text. Leave numbers, arguments and facts. It is said that optimal size for sales text is 4000 symbols with gaps. You should feel the “golden mean”. If you want better option – test the text.

3. Short sentences and paragraphs

Try not to use complex sentences. Write as you talk using short phrases. Information perception is much better in this case. In this way trust relationships are also created. The reader feels that writer speaks the same language.

4. Subtitles, lists

It’s essential to use bulleted and numbered lists and subtitles. They help to navigate text better and attract reader’s attention.

5. Art style

Set yourself free from patterns and cliches. Use bright, original comparisons (it’s useful to read imaginative literature classics).

6. Present time of the verb

Make a reader dive into the present like he is already an owner of products or services. Give him impressions now. The brighter you describe the better.  Images should appear inside the head.

7. Addressing the reader

Write for the people! Be polite with the reader like you speak to an honored person not a buddy. For one usage of “our” and “we” use minimum two “you” and “your”. Describe the problem and what one may loose if he/she won’t act like you need.

8. Call to action

Text should end with contact information and call to action.

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