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Titles of Articles in Media and the Internet


Reading newspapers and magazines starts from viewing pages and article titles once-over. The process is just the same while reading RSS feeds, looking through titles in search engine organic results (SERP). The more exact, interesting, informative title is, the more chances your articles gets to be read. As for the Internet, click through rate (CTR) will increase, which in turn influences web ranking as one of behavioral factors.

HeadersThis means that title is important for media as well as the Internet. It is not for nothing that in big publishing houses titles are processed by experts working in special departments.

Just as advertising text should «sell», so too the title should «work». It must be interesting enough to attract a reader, intrigue him, prompt to read the article or at least look through it. Short title, which condenses the main topic of the article, works best. Titles of articles should be closely related to the text content, come out of it. Not infrequently a title provides not only topic concept, but also states the main idea, author’s intention, conclusion, to which he comes.

Thus, a «working» title is the very condensed and precise core of the essence, article main idea, concentrated, laconic, clear and specific formula of author’s key-note.

  • Media «working» title sample: «Chuguyiv: Mecca of the Russian Classicism» (Chuguyiv is the city in Kharkiv region in Ukraine).
  • Internet «working» title example: «5 Rules of Titles Composition».
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