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Types of Columns in Media and the Internet


Types of Columns in MediaColumn is a string situated above the title, selection or separate spread. It doesn’t interpret the text, it mostly points to newspaper topic section or genre. Its presence reflects the sections persistence and attracts attention to them.

Three types of columns:

  1. regular – points to the position of the most important spread in media and is printed during the long period of time in each issue;
  2. temporary, episodic – needed for a certain period, it reflects some event, campaign;
  3. special – can be regular or temporary, it depends on media specificity.

Difference Between Main Title and Column

A column is less concise than a title; it gives merely the general idea of the topic at the same time attracting the reader.

Сolumn forms:

Auxiliary. Points to the publication genre, e.g. «photo spread»; information source («a story from an envelope»); specify audience, for which spread is intended for («advices for copywriters»); indicate the event time («America daily») etc.

Thematic. Defines the category, topic and nature of newspaper spread.

In the Internet columns, e.g. «Copywriting», «SMM», fulfil the same functions as in media, but they’re also needed for improving site usability, its promotion in search engines (SEO), because they increase keywords density at the page, it is pass-through hyperlink of great weight.

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