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What does Copywriter Need SEO for?


What does copywriter need SEO forIn the last article we reviewed what SEO is. And today we’ll understand, why we need knowledge, which seems to be needed only for optimizers and web masters.

How SEO copywriter works

When you’re about to write SEO text, ask your client to provide keywords, which must be used in material, because feature web page will be promoted by them. If there are no keywords, you can pick them by yourself. To do this, there is, for instance, a service «Google Keyword Planner», where one could have a look, what users are looking for this month and how often they do that. The thing is that you don’t have to consider only the most frequent queries since competition there is relatively higher. Find suitable long tail queries and compose ideal text with 3-4% keywords density. It’s OK to use words and word combinations in any form (using singular or plural etc.). It’s needless to say about unicity. There are special services, which let you check the text for plagiarism, e.g. Advego Plagiatus. But let’s respect ourselves, write literate, interesting texts for people (this is exactly what search engines appeal for) and earn well on them. These are only general advices; I will give more detailed analysis of SEO copywriter working principles in further articles.

What does copywriter need SEO for?

  • SEO basics proficiency increases general intellectual level.
  • It helps communicating with a client and hold your point.
  • It expands copywriter’s range of activities, because writing unique SEO texts is nowadays one of the most demanded services.
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